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TikTok Recommendations: April 2021

Hello! I'm TaNee (sounds like Tawney) and I am the new Mama Bear Defense Social Media girl (picture below).

You guys! I had NO idea when I started a TikTok Page for MBD that it would explode to the size it has in such a short amount of time! I am beyond thrilled!!

Something that I came across quite often was people asking for recommendations, product links and other similar questions. SO, with that being said, here is a comprehensive list for all of the products you asked about in our videos for the last month! Enjoy!

The first product that absolutely blew up my notifications was for a Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster. One very dedicated and awesome follower was able to find my exact holster on Amazon (I couldn't find it for the LIFE of me!)

Without further ado, here is the link for the Concealed Carrier Universal Neoprene Belly Band Holster:

(We do not receive commission for any sales this generates, this is just a holster I happen to have a enjoy wearing!)

(Image taken from Amazon listing)

What I like about this holster option:

- I love that it is universal, I can carry my Sig P320 or I can conceal my Sig P365 (yes, I like my Sigs, come at me).

- I can carry it up around my rib cage, around my waist or down low on my hips. It is a velcro belt so depending on my mood or my outfit I can adjust it. This also comes in handy for when I sit down (as someone on the TikTok asked) I can move the pew pew around if it jabs into my leg. (This doesn't happen often but when - on occasion - it does, I can adjust easily).

- I can wear this without needing an actual belt. I dont OWN a belt, let alone wear pants that require a belt. I'm a chubby mom with 2 babies via 2 c sections; I LIVE in yoga pants and leggings. Wearing this belly band allows me to wear looser fitting leggings without the weight of my gun shifting my pants down.

- It is a viable everyday conceal option for those of us with some extra padding =)

- I can wear this while I work out and it doesn't shift around!

If you are looking for a good starter option for a holster, I highly recommend this Belly Band. If you try it out, let me know in the comments what your experience with this holster is! I'd love to hear what you think!


The second most requested product link was - oddly enough - my sports bra? Okay! If that's what gets you here, then cool. I'll play.

I am a bigger girl with *eh hem* bigger girls (#ifyouknowyouknow) so when I finally got cleared to workout after my first pregnancy, I knew I needed something that would support me in the way a women truly deserves to be supported.

SheFit is an amazing, Woman-centric Brand that does everything I need to workout without feeling like my lady lumps are gonna bounce right off my chest.

So, here is a link to their main website. The one that I wore in the video is the High Impact version but they also have a medium and low impact as well!

(Image taken from SheFit Website)


The next product that has been highly requested is what I "recommend" as an Every Day Carry (EDC).

This is such a tricky request. On TikTok I had a follower use the PERFECT analogy that I will use here:

Finding the perfect EDC is like finding the perfect pair of jeans. Every body is different. Me? I'm a plus-size, short stack curvy girl with what my husband lovingly refers to as a "dump truck" of a butt. I'm 5'3" and I've had 2 kids via C-section. Jeans that fit me and make me feel comfortable and confident won't be the same jeans that make a gorgeous, rail thin, magazine beauty feel confident and comfortable.

Here's the real point to that though: That. Is. OK! I am totally okay with my preference of high rise skinny jeans #millenials. If you wanna rock some low rise flares, you get it, girl!

The same concept applies to your EDC. There are SO many brands and options on the market that it really takes you going out there and trying what there is available to find what works for you.

Story time. When my husband and I first got married in 2015, we took our first joint tax-return and bought our first guns. Later that year we took our CFP class so that we could legally conceal in the state of Utah, where we live. We went to a pawn shop/gun store, picked what we could afford and brought them home; never shot them, never tested them.

Mine was an adorable Walther Pk 380 in the most amazing purple color. The coloring was what really sealed the deal for me. Now, years later, the purple color is the ONLY thing I like about that gun. It was too big for me to conceal on my short body, I couldn't shoot it well no matter how much I practiced and it ended up being the only 380 that we currently own now many guns later so it's a hassle to buy ammo for it.

Since joining Mama Bear Defense, I have been able to try a variety of women friendly conceal carry options and finally found the American Eagle Ultra High Rise Skinny Jeans of guns! For me? Sig p365. I had learned leading up to this that I really like Sig after we had bought a much larger Sig p320. I knew I wanted a gun with a particular "feel" in the grip. I didn't want it to bite too much when I shot it. I am weirdly particular about the trigger. These are all things that I have come to learn about myself after trying multitude of different guns.

I encourage you to do the same. Always ask for recommendations. Take the veritable list that the amazing 2a community will give you to a gun store that has rentals and try them all if you can! Figure out what you are picky about! That is really the best way.

Now for a little product plug!

If you are in Utah, Mama Bear Defense actually offers a Handgun Sampler class where we bring a whole slew of women friendly conceal options as well as nearly every holster option available. You can try the guns, try the holsters, test a whole bunch of options out. And - not to brag - but the instructors that we have here at MBD are top of the top, best of the best and the women that come through our classes are the absolute best! Joining us for a Handgun Sampler class is a great option to find your perfect fit and spend some time with amazing, like minded women. Check on our website here at and see when and where our classes are near you!


Thank you all so much for the overwhelming support on all of our social media pages! With very few exceptions, I have felt such love and support from the 2a community being a new addition to the Mama Bear Defense family. I will continue to compile based on requests for products and will try to post as often as needed! Thanks everyone, you are the best!

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