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Utah Concealed Carry Class

This class will cover the Utah state required materials to receive your concealed firearms. 

Instruction, weapons familiarity, fingerprints and passport photos provided. (4 hours)

Handgun Cleaning Class

Learn how to clean YOUR handgun or shotgun!
-Cleaning supplies

-Dismantle and mantle instructions

-Hands-on training on proper cleaning

Wear clothes that you wouldn't mind getting dirty. Just in case.

Mommy & Me Gun Safety Class

One of the classes that we donate our time to teach!

Classroom only course will cover:

-Ensuring a firearm is safe and clear

-Universal firearm safety rules

-How to properly store firearms

-Loading and unloading firearms

-Coloring sheets


Intro to Handgun

Learn the ins and outs of conceal carrying.

This class will go over:

-Gun safety

-Help you understand the differences between types of handguns

-Explain how to buy a firearm in CA

-Prep you to pass your FSC test

-Also considerations when buying your first firearm

California Concealed Carry

*8 hour class

4 hour classroom lecture on gun laws, firearms safety, fundamentals, ammunition, storage, maintenance and malfunctions.

4 hour range class on fundamentals of shooting, safe handling, malfunction practice, reload practice, safe holster draw, single handed shooting.

Shooting test: -4 rounds at 5 yards -2 rounds gun hand only then 2 rounds support hand only from 5 yards -4 rounds at 7 yard on a standard FBI-Q target or equivalent. Passing 75%
(missing 3 rounds outside the bottle outline)

You will need about ~100 rounds of ammunition, your firearm, holster, two magazines, hearing and eye protection

Women’s Basic Firearms Course

This course includes:

*Safety and operating procedures for several types of firearms: Pistols, rifles, and shotguns of different action types

*Base knowledge of firearms terminology and usage

*Hands on experience with all of firearms during this course

*Bring your own unloaded firearm to become more familiar with it.

We’ll have plastic rounds to use as demonstration.

Tips & Tricks for Conceal Carrying

Learn the ins and outs of conceal carrying.

You will learn:
-Different types of holsters and conceal carrying for women

-How to use the restroom while carrying

-Conceal carry mindset

-How to shop for a gun

-How to continue education through dry fire techniques

*Can be held as a virtual class as well*

Pistol Fundamentals

This class is designed for those who are already familiar with pistols and will cover:

- Maintenance and cleaning

- Clearing malfunctions

- Dry fire

- Possible modifications

- Gear and accessories 

Please bring unloaded, secure personal firearms, there will be limited firearms available to use



Handgun Sampler

This course includes:

-Shoot several rounds from the major concealed carry guns: .22, 38 special, 380 and 9mm

-Range fees

-Hearing and eye protection

-Guns and ammunition

-Firearms instruction on safety and basic gun handling

Come with closed toed shoes

*Class fee varies on number of guns shot, length of class and range fees

Ladies Shoot

A ladies and family get together. Small fee $5 to cover materials. Additional fee $10 for 15 rounds of ammunition (If you use some. You can bring your own.)

This is NOT a formal class, but rather a safe shooting environment for ladies and their families. 

Level I - Shooting Fundamentals

Skills Taught:
-Sight Alignment

-Trigger Control

-Grip, Stance

-Breath Control

-Firearms Safety

-Troubleshooting Accuracy

-How to Dry Fire   

*Range fees included

You need to bring 100 rounds of ammunition, your firearm, hearing and eye protection

Level III - Holster Draw

The most crucial aspect of concealed carry is your draw from concealment!
Skills taught:

-Safe Holster Draw

-Safe Speed Holster Draw

-Shooting from Holster Draw

-Different Types of Concealment and Draws

-Review Level I & II

You need to bring 50 rounds of ammunition, your firearm, holster, hearing and eye protection

Level II - Malfunctions

Learn what to do in the worst case scenario! You pull the trigger and the bullet doesn't leave the gun.
Skills taught:

-Types of Malfunctions

-Clear Type 1 Malfunction

-Clear Type 2 Malfunction

-Clear Type 3 Malfunction

-Shooting after a Malfunction

-Review Level I

You need to bring 50 rounds of ammunition, your firearm, holster, hearing and eye protection

Level IV - Advanced Skills

Perfecting your concealed carry skills and increasing the intensity.
Skills taught:

-Tactical Reload

-Speed drills

-Moving and shooting

-Testing skills from Level I-IV

You need to bring 50 rounds of ammunition, your firearm, holster, hearing and eye protection


Tel: 801-603-0849

Refund/Cancellation Policy: Refunds are applied to all orders with 24 hr notice prior to the event. Otherwise 50% of the ticket price can be applied to reschedule.
Service Fulfillment: We provide services on the date listed on the registered event. In circumstances where the date is changed the student can either reschedule at no additional cost or receive a full refund.

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