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Utah Concealed Carry Class

This class will cover the Utah state required materials to receive your concealed firearms. 

Instruction, weapons familiarity, fingerprints and passport photos provided. (4 hours)

$40 - $60

Handgun Cleaning Class

Learn how to clean YOUR handgun or shotgun!
-Cleaning supplies

-Dismantle and mantle instructions

-Hands-on training on proper cleaning

Wear clothes that you wouldn't mind getting dirty. Just in case.


Mommy & Me Gun Safety Class

One of the classes that we donate our time to teach!

Classroom only course will cover:

-Ensuring a firearm is safe and clear

-Universal firearm safety rules

-How to properly store firearms

-Loading and unloading firearms

-Coloring sheets



Intro to Handgun

Learn the ins and outs of conceal carrying.

This class will go over:

-Gun safety

-Help you understand the differences between types of handguns

-Explain how to buy a firearm in CA

-Prep you to pass your FSC test

-Also considerations when buying your first firearm


California Concealed Carry

*8 hour class

4 hour classroom lecture on gun laws, firearms safety, fundamentals, ammunition, storage, maintenance and malfunctions.

4 hour range class on fundamentals of shooting, safe handling, malfunction practice, reload practice, safe holster draw, single handed shooting.

Shooting test: -4 rounds at 5 yards -2 rounds gun hand only then 2 rounds support hand only from 5 yards -4 rounds at 7 yard on a standard FBI-Q target or equivalent. Passing 75%
(missing 3 rounds outside the bottle outline)

You will need about ~100 rounds of ammunition, your firearm, holster, two magazines, hearing and eye protection


Women’s Basic Firearms Course

This course includes:

*Safety and operating procedures for several types of firearms: Pistols, rifles, and shotguns of different action types

*Base knowledge of firearms terminology and usage

*Hands on experience with all of firearms during this course

*Bring your own unloaded firearm to become more familiar with it.

We’ll have plastic rounds to use as demonstration.


Tips & Tricks for Conceal Carrying

Learn the ins and outs of conceal carrying.

You will learn:
-Different types of holsters and conceal carrying for women

-How to use the restroom while carrying

-Conceal carry mindset

-How to shop for a gun

-How to continue education through dry fire techniques

*Can be held as a virtual class as well*


Pistol Fundamentals

This class is designed for those who are already familiar with pistols and will cover:

- Maintenance and cleaning

- Clearing malfunctions

- Dry fire

- Possible modifications

- Gear and accessories 

Please bring unloaded, secure personal firearms, there will be limited firearms available to use




Handgun Sampler

This course includes:

-Shoot several rounds from the major concealed carry guns: .22, 38 special, 380 and 9mm

-Range fees

-Hearing and eye protection

-Guns and ammunition

-Firearms instruction on safety and basic gun handling

Come with closed toed shoes


Ladies Shoot

A ladies and family get together. Small fee $5 to cover materials. Additional fee $10 for 15 rounds of ammunition (If you use some. You can bring your own.)

This is NOT a formal class, but rather a safe shooting environment for ladies and their families. 


Level I - Shooting Fundamentals

Skills Taught:
-Sight Alignment

-Trigger Control

-Grip, Stance

-Breath Control

-Firearms Safety

-Troubleshooting Accuracy

-How to Dry Fire   

*Range fees included

You need to bring 100 rounds of ammunition, your firearm, hearing and eye protection


Level III - Malfunctions

Learn what to do in the worst case scenario! You pull the trigger and the bullet doesn't leave the gun.
Skills taught:

-Types of Malfunctions

-Clear Type 1 Malfunction

-Clear Type 2 Malfunction

-Clear Type 3 Malfunction

-Shooting after a Malfunction

-Review Level I & II

You need to bring 50 rounds of ammunition, your firearm, holster, hearing and eye protection


Level II - Holster Draw

The most crucial aspect of concealed carry is your draw from concealment!
Skills taught:

-Safe Holster Draw

-Safe Speed Holster Draw

-Shooting from Holster Draw

-Different Types of Concealment and Draws

-Review Level I

You need to bring 50 rounds of ammunition, your firearm, holster, hearing and eye protection


Level IV - Advanced Skills

Perfecting your concealed carry skills and increasing the intensity.
Skills taught:

-Tactical Reload

-Speed drills

-Moving and shooting

-Testing skills from Level I-IV

You need to bring 50 rounds of ammunition, your firearm, holster, hearing and eye protection



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