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Our goal is to help others gain the skills and knowledge necessary to protect themselves and the cubs in their lives from life-threatening situations. 

Mama Bear Defense is taught by women who do not discriminate. We are more than happy to teach all genders, races, religions and orientations.We pride ourselves in creating a comfortable, safe, judgement and intimidation free learning environment. Where all questions are welcomed and all experience levels. 
We want to help you replace that fear with focused confidence. You may be caught off guard, but you will be prepared and have the skills to deal with the situation!

Krystle Rees

    Krystle grew up around firearms but her fluency did not begin until 2013 when she began to actively train with firearms and self-defense classes as a concealed carry holder. She has concealed carried daily even while pregnant with her three children. She is an NRA Certified Instructor in both the Rifle and Pistol disciplines and a Certified Concealed Firearms Instructor for Utah and California States.
    The idea for Mama Bear Defense came when she noticed there was only one female instructor out of the dozens of firearms instructors she personally trained with through the years. Although there were not many instructors there were a lot of female students. She decided to become an instructor to be an example to other women and to help them come into the firearms community.  

    Although she enjoys teaching concealed carry classes her specialization is in the range. She enjoys helping others master the essential skills necessary to concealed carry with confidence (holster draws, clearing malfunctions, tactical reloads and shooting accuracy.) She plans to get more involved in competitive shooting when time permits.
    Krystle is a true Mama Bear. She is a mother of three young children who keep her busy during the day. Her husband also has extensive training in firearms.
    She has her Bachelor's Degree in Spanish and Chemistry from BYU. In college she competed for the NCAA Division I Track and Field team. She has lived in Peru, Mexico and Brazil and speaks three languages.   

Kassidee Dunford

· Kassidee started competing internationally at the age of 14 in a program called YHEC (Youth Hunter Education Challenge). At that time she shot archery, muzzleloader and a .22 rifle and shotgun. She won the state championship twice in the rifle event, but the shotgun was always her favorite.

· She was ranked 23rd in the nation in Olympic trap starting 2013. She had been to four preliminary Olympic try-outs. During those events she brought home two medals, one silver and one gold.

· She was a member of the Browning pro staff program in January of 2013 and at that time was the only female member of the seven professional shooters on the team.

· April 2013 While a member of the Browning pro staff program, Kassidee competed in the ACUI Collegiate National Championship in San Antonio, Texas. She represented the University of Utah, took home a third-place bronze medal in the USA sanctioned International Trap competition, or Olympic Trap. The competition required shooting 75 targets. Dunford’s score in the qualifying round put her into the semi-finals, which included the top six female shooters. After that round she was in a three-way tie, but after a sudden death shoot off she advanced to the final round, where she finished with her third-place win. She also accidentally signed up for an additional event and decided to go ahead and compete. This event was International Trap, also known as Wobble Trap. Her accidental entry brought her a fifth place win.

· While at the U of U studying electrical engineering she founded a Shotgun Sport Club.

· She was the college women’s winner at the Sporting Clays West Coast Conference Championships Oct 2016, Boise Idaho.

· She was training for the Olympics and she missed the Olympics by 2 shots out of 300. The worst she had performed the entire season!

· She is now an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.

· She is a Utah BCI Certified Concealed Firearms Instructor.

· Kassidee is an electrical engineer as well from the University of Utah.

Natalie Coghlan

Natalie is a Navy Veteran who served honorably for 9 years on Active Duty. Natalie served on 3 deployments, getting to experience culture while traveling around the world. She was stationed in California, Hawaii, and Virginia. With this travel she found her wonderful husband who she shares a beautiful life with along with their two children.
Natalie has experience with hand guns, shotguns, rifles, and non-lethal self defense tactics.

During the 9 years in the Navy safety has been ingrained into her core which she practices on the range. Since Natalie has a passion for teaching and helping others this drove her to obtain her bachelor's degree in Management for Human Resources before separating from the Navy.

Although Natalie lives with injuries from her service she plans to enjoy the freedoms she has fought for. Her focus is on her next mission to empower those to protect and exercise their freedoms.

Michelle Everett

Michelle has been around firearms most her life between target shooting and hunting. She is certified through the United Sates Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) to teach home defense and conceal carry courses. Michelle is a certified Range Safety Officer through the National Range Safety Officers Institute (NROI), a United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) competitive pistol shooter, and holds her Certificate of Eligibility (COE) meaning she has been approved by a federal back ground and live scan process to handle firearms. She is also a DOJ Certified Instructor, so she can issue Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) tests for firearm purchases in the State of CA, and recently became a Certified Glock Armorer. 


The firearms industry can be intimidating, but the right and need to protect yourself and your children should be understood and practiced by all! Michelle's mission is to teach gun safety and fundamentals to families (yes, even kids!) in a welcoming, safe, and low key atmosphere. Michelle created the Mommy and Me gun safety course designed to teach even the youngest children about firearm safety and use. 


Michelle is here to help you reach your firearm and personal protection goals. Whether you're trying to get into competitive shooting,  obtain your Conceal Carry Weapons Permit (CCW), or simply understanding how the firearms in your home function so that you are able to safely and accurately use them if needed. 


Michelle wants to show women that this industry is FOR them, and that their 2nd amendment rights are worth protecting and exercising. 


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