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Mama Bear Defense

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Our goal is to help others gain the skills and knowledge necessary to protect themselves and the cubs in their lives from life-threatening situations. 

Mama Bear Defense is taught by women who do not discriminate. We are more than happy to teach all genders, races, religions and orientations.We pride ourselves in creating a comfortable, safe, judgement and intimidation free learning environment. Where all questions are welcomed and all experience levels. 
We want to help you replace that fear with focused confidence. You may be caught off guard, but you will be prepared and have the skills to deal with the situation!

Califoria - Solano County

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Califoria - Kern County


Utah - Salt Lake County

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Utah - Utah County

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Utah - Northern

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Kansas - Wichita


Meet Our Trainers

CA - Solano
CA - Kern
UT - Utah County
UT - Northern
UT - Salt Lake
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